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15 September 2009 @ 12:08 am
Holding On-04  

Title: Holding On -04
Pairing: Hanchul
Genre: Crack (i think)
Rating: PG -13
Disclaimer: I own nothing?
Notes: Inspirations from everywhere~~
Comments are gladly appreciated! :D
Apologize in advance if its not good, grammatical error, if its a fail or anything..
Summary: Heechul loves Siwon but is Siwon worth Heechul love? Is Hankyung any better?

A few days later, Heechul was finally discharged, Hankyung had insisted that Heechul to stay at his apartment since Heechul had nowhere to go.

Hankyung took care of Heechul till he was fully recovered, mentally and physically. Heechul wounds and bruises seems to be fading off thanks to the many body lotions, foundations, concealer ,and body cream Hankyung had bought. Hankyung wanted to help erase all those bad memories from Heechul.

Heechul felt that he owed Hankyung that much for saving his life, and to give a space to live on. He had promised to move out as fast as he could find a house but was stopped by Hankyung, Hankyung thought that it would be the same thing, so Hankyung said he could clean the house as the rent payment.

One night, Heechul and Hankyung was sitting on the couch watching tv, when Heechul figured out “Hankyung, you never really talked about yourself..But you knew so much about me..How about telling me some stuffs about yourself”

“Well…What’s there to talk about, I’m a boring,24 Year old, China man who loves fried rice.”

“You’re from China?You’re evil! You never even bother to tell me where you were from and to think we were friends!”

“Well..I thought it was kind of obvious from my accent and you didn’t asked! “

“Well..It’s not that bad! And you didn’t share! Haven’t you heard sharing is caring! Hmmpgft!”


“Don’t you act like you don know! Come on tell me all about china now!” exclaimed Heechul.

That night Heechul learnt a lot about Hankyug , like how Hankyung is a dance instructor,like how Hankyung left China to chase his dream here in Korea, like how he had to work 3 odd jobs just to come to where his now,like how Hankyung loves to dance, like how he loves cooking and the list goes on.

That night had brought them closer too, weekends, they would hang out at the mall, go to the movies, going to Hankyung performances, dropping by Heechul’s campus, basically they  did everything together. But secretly ,their  personal favorite  was cooking dinner together, they would get into small food fight, fighting over who gets the chopping done and putting in the ramen first, what goes next into the soup or the dish, fighting over which drink they would drink tonight, which color plates was nicer, challenging and pushing the chore of  cleaning the dishes to whoever was the last one to eat.

Their bond grew stronger and the their heart grew fonder but they were oblivious to the feelings of themselves and the other.

One afternoon,Heechul was walking around the neighborhood aimlessly, trying to figure out his feelings for Hankyung, when he accidentally bumped into someone without realizing.

 “I’m sorry..”Both of them apologized in unison.


“Heechul?” Both said in unison again.

“Well, that was kind of freaky.I guess we should start looking where we are going. Hahaha..Where were you heading to?” asked Hankyung.

“Nowhere…Just needed some fresh air.”replied Heechul scratching his head.

“Well,same here…how about we go to the park over there..and I’ll treat you to some ice cream since the weather is kind of hot and its my way of apologizing for bumping or should I say crashing into you..haha.”

In actual fact, Hankyung was also figuring out how to convey his feelings for Heechul. He didn’t want to rush Heechul since he had just been out of a bad relationship but he felt that his feelings for Heechul was about to burst he just had to let it out.


 “Nah its ok..You could wait for me at the bench in front of the playground. What flavor would you like?”

“Hmm..ok..vanilla please..Thank you”

When Hankyung was walking to the park bench with the ice cream , he never thought Heechul could look so hot,he thought he could melt there now.

“Hankyung,its Melting.. “Heechul waved his hand to Hankyung.

“Melting? Ohno, am I that obvious that he could see me melting? “Hankyung thought

“What? NO im not melting!?” Hankyung tried defending himself.

“Huh..Well of course not you ! But the ice cream is and its getting all over your shoes I would say!” Heechul gave him a weird look.

Hankyung looked at his hand which was holding the two ice creams and onto his shoes.

“Ah crap!”Hankyung handed one ice cream to Heechul and started fussing over the mess.

Heechul offered a tissue to wipe of some of the melted ice cream. After a few minutes of cleaning up the mess, they both then enjoyed their ice cream.

Hankyung felt that this was a good time to expressed his feelings over sweet ice creams and the sunny park, it wasn’t exactly the best place to confess he thought but  the could just dump the ice cream on Heechul if was ever rejected,not that he has the guts to do it though .But he was feeling kind of nervous. He didn’t know how to put it together.

“Well,just say it Hankyung! You’re a man, you have the balls to do it?! What are you scared of!The most he could do is reject you!” he scolded himself mentally as he licked his ice cream.

“Hankyung, the ball..”Heechul pointed to him.

“What again?How did…Don’t tell me Heechul could read mind?!How the hell he knew I don have the balls to do it!” Hankyung thought again giving Heechul a very confused look.

“Well, yes of course I got the balls!” said Hankyung defending himself as confident as he could.

“Yes, I can see it..Now if you could finally hand over the ball to the kids..”Heechul pointed again.

“Huh ..No way!”Hankyung stands up and looked at Heechul.

“Well its over on your side..why not!”Heechul now looking kind of irritated and somewhat confuse!”

“What side?They’re my balls!”Hankyung tried defending himself again.

“Huh! Well no,the kids from the playground, they kicked the SOCCER BALL so hard it flew over here under the bench which is apparently on your side of the bench! Now if only you could kindly return back THEIR soccer ball, Mr Hankyung?” explained Heechul.

If Hankyung, were to be dead his cause of death on his death certificate would be dying of embarrassment, he thought to himself again.

He bent down and picked up the ball, kicking it back to the kids ,“Stupid Ball”, he grunts silently.

“Hankyung..you ok? You seem to be a bit off today?”asked Heechul as his last bits of ice cream.

“Yea.I’m ok..I think we should be probably start heading home..” Hankyung said, not wanting to die of anymore embarrassment.

“Well sure, the heat must have gotten into your head..You need some aircon to cool off..”laughed Heechul earning a sharp glare from Hankyung.

“Someone woke up from the wrong side of the bench~~” Heechul singsonged just to annoy Hankyung more.

“That was some cheap humour!”Hankyung chasing after Heechul .

“Well, not as cheap as someone who just treat ice cream when he crashed into someone” laughed Heechul as he tried to run away from Heechul.

“Oh, so ice cream is cheap eh? I’ll show you what is cheap!” Hankyung managed to grabbed hold of Heechul and tackled him which made both of them falling onto the grass.

Hankyung fell on top of Heechul , their eyes met and they froze at the moment.

A/n : Finally something non violent but Sorry for the bad humour~ :D
xgahoxgaho on September 15th, 2009 03:10 am (UTC)
Lalalalalaaa, they're gonna kiss. I know it :D
whizzkwhizzk on September 17th, 2009 07:47 am (UTC)
hahahah ...should they?
thanks for reading and commenting <3
FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on September 15th, 2009 09:45 am (UTC)
ahwww... LOL @ embarrassed Geng ...
Are they gonna kiss?

whizzkwhizzk on September 17th, 2009 07:47 am (UTC)
haha isnt he cute ? lol
hmmm...should they ? lol
thanks for reading and commenting <3
♥♳ジャナ.jαηα.자나♸ ☆ ! ♡heejaelubxmii on September 18th, 2009 04:51 am (UTC)
LOL @ the balls part [[x
I wonder what will happen next [:
whizzkwhizzk on September 18th, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)
embarassed hangeng = cute hangeng :D
thanks for reading and commenting :DD
Tsehqui: Taec omona!tsehqui on September 29th, 2009 03:19 am (UTC)
so sweet!
and Hankyung and his...balls. ROFL :)))
couldn't stop laughing when I read that part! hahahahaha XD
awwww, they're sooo cute together~ XD
whizzk: heechulheartwhizzk on September 29th, 2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
hankyung is so funny and cute when he's all blur!
hahaha glad that made you laughed! :D
thanks for reading and commenting~ :DDDD